The Art of Make-Up for Stage, Television and Film

Vlastimil BOUBLÍK
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Year: 1968
Place: Oxford-London
Publisher: Pergamon
Edition: 1st
Language: EN
Pages: 188
Condition: VG
Cover condition: VG
Binding: HC in wrapper
Illustrated: Profusely illustrated with photographs and drawings.

- This is a detailed hand-book for the use of professional make-up men in film and TV studios as well as in the theatre. A short introductory chapter presents the history of make-up and its development during the ages, the next two chapters provide the make-up man with the necessary basic knowledge of the facial anatomy, etc., with the most important physical relations between colours and light and with the properties of various types of film negatives. The largest part of the book is devoted to the main and difficult problems of the make-up man's work; e.g. corrective make-up; changing the actor's personality and age, with and without the use of special accessories; the correct technique of basic make-up; make-up of the individual facial parts; the use of new types of make-up and the technique of handling them, described in detail. The use of foam latex make-up accessories, their preparation, application, make-up and maintenance is described, with a detailed description of moulds, their preparation, various types, finishing processes and the procedure of castingoff the actor's face.
The book contains a large number of photographs and drawings. The author is head of a research laboratory in Czechoslovakia's main film studio and has particular concern with cosmetic problems specific to film, TV and theatrical make-up. He possesses outstanding knowledge of the subject of make-up as a whole.

- Translated from Czech by Bohuse Cernohorska-Volfova. Line drawings by A. Michalcik.