Costume patterns and designs

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Year: 1990
Place: Tübingen
Publisher: Ernst Wasmuth
Edition: 1st
Language: EN
Pages: 52p(text)+128p(plates one-sided printed)
Condition: FN
Cover condition: VG
Binding: HC
Illustrated: b/w and color 

Details of the Plates
Antiquity (Babylonia, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, etc.).
Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine, Arabia, Turkey, Mesopotamia, Near East, Egypt, Eastern Sudan, Africa.
Rome, Byzantine Empire, Prehistoric and Early Germanic Periods
Europe, Russia as far as the Caucasus, Asia (India Proper, IndoChina, China, Mongolia and Japan, Indonesia, Siberia), North, Central and South Amerika.
The most important forms of Costumes from the time of the Carolingians to the middle of the 19th Century.
A Survey of Costume Patterns and Designs of all Periods and Nations from Antiquity to Modern Times.
This work surveys the costume patterns and dress designs of nearly every nation from Antiquity to Modern Times, thus offering a welcome complement to Max Tilke's and Wolfgang Bruhn's monumental "A Pictorial History of Costume." But in this new book the garments are shown spread out, and as the fabrics, particularly those from the Near and Far East, are specially rich in ornaments, colourful decorations and embroidery, the work is at the same time a valuable collection of dress materials. It will therefore not only stimulate fashion and theatrical designers but be of the greatest use to anyone engaged on the designing of
fabrics. "Problems of costume", as one critic put it, "are often approched in a romantic or journalistic spirit; here they are treated with scientific exactitude." With 128 pages of plates, 112 of which are in colour.