Felix De Boeck and the pioneers of abstract art 1920-1930 - EN

Raoul Maria DE PUYDT
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Year: 2010
Publisher: Snoeck
Edition: 1st
Language: EN
Pages: 128
Condition: As New
Cover condition: As New
Binding: HC

- This richly illustrated book offers an overview of the emergence of abstract art in the early twentieth century. At a time when Europe was torn by internal political strife, artists such as Kandinsky, Robert and Sonia Delaunay, Franz Marc, Mondrian, Van Doesburg, Picabia, Magritte, Del Marie, Vantongerloo, Malevich, Moholy-Nagy and Lajos Kassak sought to convey a message of peace and toleration. Avant-garde artists travelled around the world. For many, Paris was the ultimate destination. Those who remained there became famous. Others, however, have been forgotten. The aim of this book is to revive their memory, for they too were pioneers of abstract art. One of these pioneers was Felix De Boeck. He exhibited in Paris in 1928 and played a prominent role at the forefront of the international avant-garde movement. In 1930 he withdrew to his farm in Drogenbos, near Brussels. While his contemporaries sought other artistic horizons, he continued to paint in the abstract style until his death in 1995. In 2004 Raoul Maria de Puydt published a comprehensive monograph of Felix de Boeck's oeuvre. In this publication he offers a collection of the artist's early abstract work and confronts it - often surprisingly - with that of his famous contemporaries.
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