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Year: 1987
Publisher: Bonfini
Edition: 1st
Language: EN
Pages: 96
Condition: VG
Binding: HC

The art movement known as Impressionism began to take form around 1864, but it was not so identified until ten years later when Claude Monet exhibited an oil sketch of the harbor at Le Havre entitled Impression: Sunrise. This small unpretentious study was sarcastically criticized in a journal article, "Exhibition of the Impressionists;' and thus was christened the movement that was to succeed Realism and herald the modern era of painting.
Along with fellow Impressionists Renoir, Pissarro, Bazille, and Sisley, Monet pioneered many of the attitudes and techniques that form the basis of modern art: confronting rather than denying the flatness of the canvas; using obvious brushstrokes to convey movement; painting landscapes outside (rather than in the studio from memory); painting the same subject in a series to illustrate the changing effects of light. Toward the end of his career, Monet painted with increasing abstraction, and his last major works, the water lily murals, were as much about color and atmosphere as about flowers or water.
Monet is a succinct yet informed study of the artist's life and work. Among the beautifully reproduced pictures are some of Monet's most celebrated works, as well as lesser-known paintings that shed light on his art and its tremendous influence.