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Guy Bleus
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Year: 1991
Place: Hasselt
Publisher: Provinciale Centrale Openbare Bibliotheek
Edition: 1st
Language: EN
Pages: 115
Condition: G
Cover condition: G
Binding: HC

A. lntroduction : Art is Books.
B. Statements.
(F. Aguiar; Albrecht D.; C. Andre; V. Baroni; M. Bentivoglio; P. Ciani;
R. Crozier; G. Deisler; G. Fontana; C. Francois; H.R. Fricker; J. Held;
J.A. Hoffberg; J. Hubaut; R. Johnson; R. Maggi; R.C. Morgan; J.0. Olbrich;
G. Perneczky; G. Ruch; S. Segay; C. Welch; R. Nikonova; K. Groh; P. Barille).
C. lllustrations.
D. lnformation list.

- Luxury edition with leather back.

- Luxe editie met leder rug, gelijk rechtaf.

- Livres d’artistes.

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