The Games Reborn. The VIIth Olympiad Antwerp 1920


Year: 1996
Place: Antwerpen - Gent
Publisher: Pandora - Snoeck-Ducaju
Edition: 1st
Language: English
Pages: 96
Condition: FN
Cover condition: FN
Binding: SC

Illustrated in b/w. Contents: Preface 5 ; Introduction: The Political, Social and Cultural Context 7; How Antwerp Got the Games 11; A Handicapped Start 15; Heroic Improvisation 18; Winter Sports Prelude in April 23; The Spectre of War 27; A Stylish Opening Ceremony 30; Volatile Athletes 34; From the Trenches to the Track 39; Uproar in the Swimming Pool 47; Amateurs of all Sorts and Conditions 52; When the Gymnasts Come Marching In 58; When Football Was Still an Olympic Sport 61; Sporting Aristocrats 66; The People`s Sports 71; Merchants and Arrivistes 78; The Roots of the Financial Debacle 81; Local Press Boycott or General Olympic Apathy ? 85; Conclusion What Was the Significance of the 1920 Games ? 89; References 94.